Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Redeemers: Way Cooler Than Being in a Band

Good afternoon, Cadets! I hope everyone enjoyed the brief recap of C2E2. Today I will be reviewing a comic by writer Eric Rampson and artist Wil Brendel. These guys were kind enough to speak with me at C2E2 at the Lonely Robot booth for a bit and sold me on their story called The Redeemers.

The first thing anyone will notice about a comic book is the cover art. The cover is well done without revealing too much, the usage of perspective is as close to perfect as one could get. You can tell this is a supernatural story about a band called the Redeemers fighting mythical creatures and that is exactly what the plot is. As you read you are introduced into the action right away with a gig leading into battle on stage, the audience thinks that they just put on a killer light show. As the story progresses you meet a reporter named Maddie who will do anything to get the scoop on this mysterious trio. They each tell a vague version of their stories effectively starting with Neil the bassist, going to Dexter the drummer and rounding it out with Gabe the guitarist and lead singer. While they explain their lives the artist shows in the background the full extent of what they are describing and this effectively teaches the reader who they really are without elaborate and angsty fillers. The reason for the band's name is definitely an interesting yet simple concept. There is still much to learn but I imagine as the story progresses more will be revealed. Issue #1 felt way too short and I was happy to have the next issue as I wanted to read more.

Issue #2 gives a little more time before the action starts right back up with even more gusto than before. A little more insight into Neil and his special circumstances as they are today. You also get to see just how amazing Dexter can be at what he does while getting a feel for why Gabe is the way he is. You also realize how Maddie is insane enough to put herself in danger to get a story. Overall the plot definitely progresses well and keeps you waiting for the puppeteer behind the attacks to reveal himself. This issue catered to the fans of mechs with a giant robot fight that was pretty impressive.

Overall The Redeemers is an amazing story, the artwork is great and the writing is extremely well done. The artist has a style of his own and pay attention to the effects of the harsh, multicolored stage lights when showing the characters playing a gig or the softer light of a room with open windows in the afternoon. He does not rely on hard lines but rather creative shadowing to show muscle definition. The writing is fluid and detailed without wasting a speech bubble. The overall concept will bring memories of Scott Pilgrim but only in the sense that they are a band who can fight. There is subtler, well placed humor and the emotion of the dialogue is directed extremely well and with zero plotholes. The editing was definitely done with care, I did not find any mistakes in the art or writing.

I must that Eric and Wil are a duo that is to be watched for and anyone who is a fan of the fantasy/action genre needs to read The Redeemers. I left a lot of information out because I would like to urge you all to please read this comic and find out for yourself, you can find it at http://www.lonelyrobotcomics.com/. They can be found on facebook where you can ask they questions and even hear the two Redeemers tracks. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=400095838381&set=pu.119752443381#!/pages/The-Redeemers/119752443381

Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you all on the Litter-ati page on facebook, which is linked on the sidebar to the right. This is War Kitten signing out and remind you to please think of the environment, save some paper and draw a blank.


  1. Thank you so much for the stellar review! We'll make it known as soon as issue three is ready to drop!

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